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About founders in la

Ethan Cole, PhD, is the esteemed host of the Founders In LA podcast, where early-stage founders from Los Angeles share their inspiring journeys of building their products and companies. With a robust foundation in Product Management and digital innovation, Ethan has led transformative projects across various high-profile platforms and industries, and has guided product teams at startups from their pre-seed stages with just four members to robust Series B rounds.

Ethan also holds the position of President of the Product Managers Association of Los Angeles, leading the city’s largest professional group for Product Managers. This group is comprised of over 4,000 members and provides diverse programming, including mentorship, monthly events, an annual conference, and the prestigious Product-Leader Council.

Additionally, Ethan spearheads workshops and panels for the TED AI Conference, managing the team responsible for selecting topics and speakers, further showcasing his expertise in technology and leadership.

Ethan’s passion for technology, innovation, and community engagement shines through his dedication to connecting with others and sparking discussions that are both informative and inspiring. If you’re fascinated by the world of startups, product development, or just love hearing about the entrepreneurial spirit in LA, Ethan invites you to tune into the Founders In LA podcast and explore these exciting stories together.

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